– Film

– Audio Visual Techs

– Production Assistants


– Video Walls

– Moving Lights
– Back-line Crew
– Video Mapping

– L.E.D. & Wireless Fixtures 

– Digital & Analog Consoles
– Engineers (A1, L1, V1)

What’s Next Productions was founded by a nationwide brotherhood of certified production professional & national accredited audio-visual technicians that double as engineers & production managers. We have worked together for more than 25 years and in that time we have assembled a hefty collection of skilled and experienced technicians that have worked for the production departments of the biggest venues and festivals all across the USA and international aboard.  

What’s Next Productions provides event labor for massive arena productions, demanding summer amphitheater schedules, outdoor festivals, theatrical, sporting and corporate events. Our staff works closely with the promoter, tour management, road crews and venues to get their production requirements accomplished safely and efficiently.

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